Advanced & Innovative AR content production platform, linking content, resources and transactions.

use AR Builder to produce your creative products, put your AR creative works on the blockchain, trade and circulate on the chain, and let your talents be known to more people.

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Leading Blockchain, Crypto & AR Development Services Company in the world

AR Builder is a platform that integrates AR content production and trading. By tracking AR content on the chain, it makes content production and circulation safer and more efficient, while effectively protecting the intellectual property rights of creatives.

The mission of AR Builder is to enrich the content ecosystem on the chain. After the rise of text, picture, and video applications, we have revolutionized the circulation of AR resources on the chain. Of course, all of this is traded using $ARB2 token.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Blockchain Services to Build a Better Future.

We have a large development team, all of whom have deep experience in blockchain development, and our marketing team is exploring the global market.

  • Payment options
  • Strong security
  • Competitive commissions
  • 24/7 support
  • Reliable order execution
  • Range of API solutions
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Buy & Sell ARB2.0 OR AR Resources


Create Your Account

The first step is to register an account in our AR BuilderAPP using your email or social account.


Make A Deposit

The second step is to recharge or purchase ARB2.0 tokens into your account. Please make sure the address is correct.


Save, Buy And Sell

In the third step, you can use the APP to produce your AR resources or trade in the trading area.

Created with Highcharts 7.1.1 Token Distribution Fundraiser: 10.0% Fundraiser: 10.0% Long Term Budget: 30.0% Long Term Budget: 30.0% Team & Reserve: 10.0% Team & Reserve: 15.0% Community & Partnership : 50.0% Community & Partnership : 50.0%
Created with Highcharts 7.1.1 Use of Proceeds Software Development: 30.0% Software Development: 30.0% Bancor ETH Reserve: 10.0% Reserve: 10.0% Legal Expenses: 10.0% Legal Expenses: 10.0% Marketing : 50.0% Repurchase : 50.0%
Total Supply: 210,000,000,000 (No Taxes)
CA: 0x7bbe9824bbf484ae4b68aae65516ab3c93087035
Meet AR Builder Team

Team Member


Ava Farrington

Founder, ceo

Kevin Haley

Co-founder, cto

Alishia Fulton

Chief creative officer

Lucas Martinez

Project Manager

Our Client Say

Download AR Builder Application

AR content production, sharing community, and easy trading can all be easily achieved here.

Enhanced Security

Enterprise level security protects the security of your content and assets

Instant Traceability

Blockchain Quickly Traces Your Creative Works

OTC Trading

Safe and reliable on and off exchange trading

Greater Transparency

Open and transparent asset management review

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